Easy Creamy Root Beer Cocktail

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If you love a good root beer float, then you will love this easy-to-make creamy Root Beer Cocktail. This is a great summer cocktail with just two simple ingredients: Root Beer and Whipped Cream Vodka. Sweet and bubbly, this easy summer cocktail is a must-try!

root beer cocktail

Root Beer floats are the quintessential summer treat, and this cocktail ties all those nostalgic creamy flavors together for a sweet libation that can’t be beat.

Why you’ll love this cocktail:

Easy. It doesn’t get any easier than pouring two ingredients in a glass over ice. You’ve got enough going on blowing up pool floaties for the rug-rats. Take the win and enjoy.

Nostalgia. This will make you feel like a kid again when your mom let you have a Root Beer float at the neighbors annual 4th of July cookout.

Crowd-Pleaser: Everybody will love this, and it’s an easy cocktail for guests to make themselves so you can spend less time working and more time enjoying.

Ingredients you need to make a Root Beer Cocktail:

  • Root Beer. Pick your favorite one. I love A&W Root Beer.
  • Whipped Cream Vodka. I like Smirnoff Whipped Cream Vodka. Pinnacle also makes a nice Whipped Cream Vodka.
  • Ice. Pebbled, Cubed or crushed. All will work.
root beer cocktail ingredients

How to make a Root Beer Float Cocktail:

  1. Get out your favorite rocks glass or a mason jar for some country charm.
  2. Fill with ice.
  3. With a measuring jigger pour in the Whipped Cream Vodka
  4. Fill to the top with Root Beer.
  5. Garnish with a maraschino cherry if desired.

Which root beer is best?

I personally have a sweet spot for A&W Root Beer. It’s iconic frosty mugs and nostalgic orange and brown logo won me over as a kid, and to this day I still think it tastes the best. Not too sweet, and not too spicy with a hint of vanilla.

Some other great options are Mug Root Beer, Dad’s Root Beer and IBC Root Beer…or whatever you can find at your local grocery store.

root beer cocktail

Fun Root Beer facts you may not know:

  • Sassafras & Sarsaparilla – these are the secret ingredients that make up root beer.
  • Hires – This is officially the oldest root beer, introduced in 1875.
  • A&W Root Beer – This is the most popular root beer.
  • Brown Cow – A nickname sometimes used for a root beer float. Black Cow is also a nickname.
  • August 6th – is national root beer float day.

What Movie Night snacks go with this Cocktail?

If you are like me and like to pair salty with your sweet, then one of the best snacks to go with this cocktail is buttered popcorn. Crunchy, salty, delicious. Oddly enough a big bowl of Nacho Cheese Doritos works really well too.

Or if you like the sweeter side…Hot Tamales are a great choice as the spicy cinnamon pairs perfectly with the vanilla flavors. A sweet popcorn like Kettle Corn or Caramel corn are also a great pairing. And if you like peanut butter try my Reese’s Pieces Halloween Caramel Popcorn for a scary movie night snack.

Can I substitute the Whipped Cream Vodka?

I do feel like the Whipped Cream Vodka really gives this drink that creamy float flavor we are after. It has a slightly buttery mouth feel. However, a plain vanilla vodka will work too, it just won’t be as creamy.

If you are really in a pinch use plain vodka and add just a dash of vanilla extract. Literally just a dash. Too much and it will be vanilla overkill.

Can I make this with other soda’s?

Yes. If you don’t like Root Beer, or your dog drank the last can…other soda’s that will pair great with Whipped Cream Vodka are:

  • Coka Cola
  • Orange Soda
  • Sprite or Seven-Up
  • Grape Soda
  • Cactus Cooler
root beer cocktail

More Summer Libations:

creamy root beer cocktail

Easy Creamy Root Beer Cocktail

Discover the ultimate indulgence with this delicious creamy root beer cocktail. Perfect for outdoor movie nights or a relaxing evening at home.
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Prep Time:2 minutes
Cook Time:0 minutes
Total Time:2 minutes


  • 2 oz. Whipped Cream Vodka
  • 4-6 oz. Root Beer
  • 1 cup Ice


  • Get out your favorite rocks glass or mason jar and fill it with ice.
  • Pour in the Whipped Cream Vodka
  • Fill to the top with Root Beer.
  • Garnish with a cherry if desired.
Course: Drinks
Cuisine: American
Keyword: adult root beer float, movie night cocktail
Servings: 1

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