6 Vintage Fall Décor Ideas for a Cozy Home

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Looking for some unique and cozy ideas to decorate your home for fall? Keep reading for my favorite vintage fall décor ideas to give your home that effortless lived-in autumnal look this season.
vintage fall decor

These are my top recommendations and personal favorites, but not what is necessarily trending in stores. I like to be unique and adding vintage fall decor pieces to my home is the best way to stand out from the crowd! I tend to mix it up every year…either by incorporating new pieces into existing themes or creating a whole new theme for the season. Sometimes this depends on what I find out in the wild and sometimes it comes from inspiration from a single vintage piece I already have.

My advice for your own home is to be creative and use what you have in a unique way, and only spend money on the one-of-a-kind pieces you know you won’t find elsewhere. Just remember to have fun with it. It’s your home and your unique personality should show through!

1. Apples

Pumpkins are by far the star of autumn décor, but if you are looking for something a little different to stand out this year, go with Apples!


Apples are the epitome of fall…from late August to early November Apple season brings some of the most beloved treats that make fall fall! From Apple Cider to Apple Pie…Apple’s are a great vintage fall décor theme to introduce into your home. I like to use faux apple garlands to spruce up a centerpiece arrangement or spilling out of decorative baskets.

vintage fall decor apples

I found a set of vintage (circa 90s) Apple dishes this year to add to my kitchen shelves which I just adore. The dark green and burgundy red brings back nostalgic memories of being a kid in the 90s.

vintage fall decor apple sign

Apple signage is another great décor piece to bring some vintage charm into your home. The vintage Red Cheek Cider sign was an eBay find that goes perfectly with my Apple theme.

I also love this vintage-inspired Apple sign. It provides all the vintage fall decor charm without breaking the bank. These realistic-looking artificial apples are great for filling your baskets. And of course, don’t forget a candle to fill your home with sweet fall aromas…this Mulled Cider candle is a favorite with notes of apples, oranges, cinnamon, cranberry, cedar, and amber.

2. Plaid

Plaid is by far my number one decorating staple. It is classic and timeless and there are so many color and pattern variations it can be used year-round. Plaid is perfect to invoke a vintage fall feel in your home.

Plaid emerged as far back as the 1700s in Scotland. Scottish plaid patterns were originally produced based on available colors and materials, but eventually became associated with families and clans. Some of the most popular tartan plaid patterns include Black Watch, Royal Stewart, and Dress Stewart. The ever-popular Buffalo Plaid was coined in the 18th century when Rob Roy MacGregor brought it to the United States and bartered his blankets for pelts with the Sioux natives.

Using plaid throughout the home can be as simple as adding a quality wool plaid throw to the sofa, bed, or even as a table throw.

You can also incorporate plaid in your window coverings as well. I particularly love brown and green plaids right now and these drapes are perfect for adding a cozy vintage fall feel.

And don’t forget the vintage details. I love decorating with vintage thermoses and the plaid ones come in so many colors that it is easy to coordinate with your fall color palette.

You can easily snag vintage thermoses at Antique stores and eBay, or if you like the thrill of the hunt at thrift stores and garage sales for just a few dollars. The brown, orange, green, and red plaid thermoses are perfect vintage fall colors and look great in a collection.

3. Gingham

Gingham is another staple in my home and adds instant vintage fall charm. I use it alongside my plaids in décor pieces like throw pillows, quilts, curtains, and tablecloths. Unlike plaid, gingham is different in that it is a single color and has a more uniform pattern. Gingham comes in a variety of sizes and colors and though it seems like a busy print, it can actually work quite well as the grounding pattern in your theme.

For fall I love earthy browns, and these brown gingham ruffled Euro shams are so darling with the bow ties on the back. I love VHC Brands products as they are 100% cotton and well made for the price. They also offer various colors and coordinating items such as shower curtains, rugs, and bedding.

The queen of gingham home products might be Heather Taylor Home. While a bit more on the spendy side, the quality and color options are phenomenal.

4. Glassware

Your fall glassware is an important detail not to overlook. Fall is a busy season of hoe-downs, bonfires, Halloween fêtes, and of course Thanksgiving. Having the right glassware for your tablescape or event can make all the difference.

For a casual affair like a harvest barn party consider something that can take a bit of rough-and-tumble wear. Vintage or new mason jars are perfect for ciders, punches, and cocktails. These can be picked up at thrift stores for just a few dollars or new at most grocery stores. For a vintage fall vibe consider using a mismatched collection of jars from various makers. I particularly love the amber wide-mouth jars by Ball for a warm and cozy look, and these would pair perfectly with an Apple Cinnamon Bourbon Sour!

Another great option is enamelware cups and mugs. Vintage pieces come in a variety of colors that are fun to collect. You can also find high-quality pieces new from Crow Canyon with a simple stripe or splatter pattern. They are a small business that has been making enamelware since 1977. My favorite cups are the 14 oz. tumblers in white with a red stripe. They are perfect for a fresh cup of Apple Cider!

For more formal affairs you will want something a bit more elegant, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be fussy. Colored glassware is an easy way to add personality to your table and coordinate with your color scheme. Colored glassware is trending right now, so it is easy to find at places like West Elm, CB2, and Pottery Barn. But for something a bit more authentic and unique I like to use vintage brands such as Noritake, Fostoria, Indiana, and L.E. Smith. You can find hues of pink, green, and yellow from the Depression era or bolder tones like Orange, Brown, Blue, and Purple that are considered mid-century.

Don’t forget the old-fashioned glass. A bar staple that works with a variety of drinks and comes in a multitude of styles. I love these crystal whiskey glasses for an elegant cocktail. They make excellent gifts for whiskey lovers too!

vintage fall decor glassware

If you are looking for something vintage, these mid-century Federal Roly Poly glasses are great. The black and gold diamond pattern works perfectly for fall and Halloween cocktails alike. And for an enticing fall drink to put in them try my Spiced Pomegranate Rum Sour or Bourbon Cranberry Cinnamon cocktail, both are delicious!

5. Transferware

Brown transferware specifically is my go-to look this fall. Browns are coming back in a big way and this earthy tone is the epitome of vintage fall. It can be paired with almost any other color…pine green (my favorite!), cranberry red, burnt orange and indigo blue are all great colors to compliment brown. It’s the perfect vintage fall décor piece for an elegant table.

Transferware adds sophistication to the table but can also be toned down in its formality by using mismatched vintage pieces and pairing them with country staples like gingham napkins and vintage silverware.

You can use just a few pieces like a teacup for a candle holder or a pitcher as a vase…or you can collect an entire set to dress your table. It looks especially impressive when displayed together on shelves.

vintage fall decor transferware

Spode still makes beautiful brown transferware dishes with a floral pattern. And these vintage Mason’s Ironstone teacups from England are especially dainty.

6. Baskets

It wouldn’t be fall without baskets. These vintage and modern catch-alls have been carrying loads and decorating spaces for centuries. A large basket with woolen throw blankets spilling over the edge might be one of my favorite things for fall. Just looking at it feels cozy.

I use baskets all over my house…to house apples, knick-knacks, floral arrangements, blankets and even toys.

I was thrilled when I found these vintage apple-themed baskets at a yard sale. They have loops for hanging which makes them perfect for hanging fall arrangements on a hook or the front door.

vintage fall decor apple baskets

Round bushel baskets are also great for fall. Once upon a time, they were used for apple picking before mechanical machines were invented. Nowadays you can easily find them at craft stores or thrift stores and use them for housing your fall mums or for modern-day apple picking in your best apple-picking sweater (hello Kiel James Patrick) or for a country twist house your plates and utensils in them for your Thanksgiving buffet table.

vintage fall decor basket

What are some other traditional fall decorations?

Pumpkin and gourds are a no-brainer, but some other fun ideas are pinecones, squirrels, and scarecrows. You can easily make scarecrows your theme and use hay bales, corn, and vintage fall quilts to go with it. Don’t forget the fall foliage…some autumn leaves spilling out of a vase or draped around a mirror will add a lot of fall charm.

What month do you start decorating for fall?

I tend to separate Fall decor from Halloween and Thanksgiving, so I start decorating in late August…but definitely by September 1st in order to be able to enjoy the fall decor for at least a month before I switch it out to Halloween decor. After Halloween, I change it to Thanksgiving decor which usually includes some of my original fall decor.

What should I start decorating for fall?

Start with your front porch as a welcome to the season, then transition to the interior with kitchen shelves, dining table centerpieces, cozy fall bedding in the bedroom and throw pillows and blankets in the living room. If you are really ambitious and like to go all out (like me) decorate your bathroom too. Swap out your towels or shower curtain for something that feels like fall to you, or add a vintage art piece that screams fall.

I hope these ideas have given you some fun vintage fall inspiration. Let me know in the comments what your favorite fall décor pieces are. I’m always looking for new ideas. 😉
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